rating systems

Written by and verified by the Research Team. Last updated on Dec 29, 2011.

In the works is a comprehensive rating system that will rate and rank supplements and studies on a quality basis.

Each study is subject to being analyzed and put into a database, in which study type (meta-analysis, double blind controlled study, retrospective survey, uncontrolled in vivo, vitro study, etc.), significance (both statistical and clinical) and effects of supplements will be noted.

All study inputs will be put into a database in which comprehensive information can be extracted to give a holistic view of how many of what types of study have been conducted, and what these studies say about a supplement.

Supplements will be given a rating of A,B,C,D or I (Insufficient Evidence) for certain claims based on this data.

With this database, we hope to conduct our own sort of meta-analyses on, eventually, all supplements on the market with direct scientific evidence thereof.