Learning Topics?

Written by and verified by the comprar-ed.eu Research Team. Last updated on Nov 6, 2011.

If Examine were to implement a section devoted to teaching people about how the body and supplements work (in isolation and together), what would most people be interested in reading about?

Pages are currently being formulated for topics such as:

  • Dietary fats: Structure and Sources, Digestion, and Metabolism (3 different pages) have already been made.

  • The same as above, but for carbohydrates and proteins (drinking alcohol, or ethanol, sometimes referred to as the fourth macronutrient, would have its own page). Fiber may also be getting one, although it would lack a metabolism section since the only thing taken up into the body would fall under fatty acids. Yet to be made.

  • Certain 'states' of the body. Fasting vs. Fed States. Muscle anabolism vs. catabolism. Adipose anabolism vs. catabolism. With a focus on the levers (metabolic switches) that make you go from one state into the other (usually the presence of nutrients or supplements in the blood). Already mentioned by some, yet to be made.

Any other hot topics? Perhaps an intro to WTF a cell actually is, or write-ups on organs?

Feel free to send any responses to @Silverhydra on Twitter