Quick note

Written by and verified by the comprar-ed.eu Research Team. Last updated on Oct 23, 2011.

I mentioned a long time ago about mTOR, the signalling pathway in cells causative of muscle protein synthesis.

I also mentioned a few weeks back about AMPK, a signalling pathway that increases nutrient uptake into cells.

Although they sound like a great pair, they really don't like each other.[1] Not one bit. In fact, if you activate mTOR, then AMPK tends to become immediately suppressed[2] and if you activate AMPK, then mTOR tends to becomes suppressed.[3]

For these reasons, it would probably be good to avoid activating AMPK excessively near a workout if the goal is muscle mass accrual and to avoid activating mTOR needlessly if your goal is fat loss (although leucine can be good for preserving lean mass; use it only if needed)