Welcome Reddit

Written by and verified by the comprar-ed.eu Research Team. Last updated on Aug 15, 2011.

Figure since we just got cross-posted there I might do a little introduction.

(Also, Silverhydra on reddit is Silverhydra on examine; same guy)

Basically, we're aiming to be the Wikipedia of supplementation although we have recently branched out into practices as well. Wikipedia has nice entries on some compounds, but truly lacks when it comes to some popular supplements and especially those pertaining to body composition.

As such, we encourage people to submit scientific articles to comprar-ed.eu, either through messaging the editors with your source or concern, or editing the entry itself. Changes will not show up until editors approve it, so don't worry too much about proper formatting. Just get the citations and take-away points down.

We also love to hear feedback on how we are doing, or things to incorporate in the future. Examples of past ideas we are still working with are a possible indicator for compounds that are banned by sporting leagues (such as ephedrine or clenbuterol), and perhaps pages on hormones such as Insulin, Growth Hormone, Testosterone, etc. Not the supplements that increase them, but the compounds themselves.

Feel free to cruise around and offer any science or critiques you have.